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Subject: Fathers & Sons - All My Childern - Jamie & Tadpart 6Fathers & Sons - All My Children - Jamie & TadThis is a made up story using characters from GH. GH and its characters are
Owned by ABC. This story does not mean that the actors or characters are gay
or by. and even though it does reflect story lines on the show, this never did
happened so pretty much, its fake. you are also supposed to be 18 to read this
Story since it is about sex.This story has content that everyone may not like. This is a story about
Father/son sex. It has a bit of bondage/controll.~~~Tad Martin was laying in his bed, in his house. He was all alone for the first
time in months. He loved sex - and woman, but sometimes he wanted to jerk off
His big cock and think about the sexy men in town.He was on his back, pre teen lolita whores on his bed, above the covers, naked. His cock was rock hard
And he was slowly jerking off. He had used some of his lotion from the bathroom
To start, but worked in his pre-cum.Tad was laying there, slowly jerking his man meat thinking of Ryan Lavery, JR
Chandler, Jackson Montgomery, and Jamie Marten, his son. His son turned him on
So much. Jamie was so tall, and buff, and sweet, He looked just like his father
All around.Tad was all alone, so he started to moan loud, like he always wanted to. He was
openly moaning his sons name as he started to work a small dildo up his ass. Tad
Loved it up the ass. He for the most part, never took it up his rear, but he
Always did love it.In the doorway, Tads son Jamie has his pants sex young nude lolita down to his ankles, his boxers to
his knees, and he was jerking off to the sight of his father naked, on bed,
Jerkin it as he stuck a dildo up his ass moaning Jamie's name.Jamie then stopped, stripped all the way down like his father, and started to
Walk over to the bed where his father was. Tad had let go of the dildo and was
Just jerking off now, his eyes closed so tight his face was red. Jamie grabbed
The dildo and started to move in and out of his fathers ass.Tad: Oh my god.. Son!
Jamie: Its okay dad, i ant you to
Tad: what?Jamie then laid on top of his father. Grinding there matching body's together.
Jamie knew he was getting to his dad. Tad started to moan again. Tad gave into
his temptations. He couldn't resist.Jamie: dad, please, do me
Tad: are you sure son?
Jamie: yes. I want it. I need it!Tad then rolled Jamie off him. He stood up and Jamie laid flat on his back. Tad
got in front of Jamie and pulled his legs up. He saw his sons ass real lolita free pics
in a new way. He
wanted it bad. Tad parted Jamie's leg's apart and dove his head in.Jamie was moaning loud, louder than he ever had, louder than Tad ever had heard
Him moan. Tad knew his son had a lot of sex. He heard it all the time since they
sheared a wall.Tad started to lick around Jamie's ass. He started to insert his tongue into his
sons virgin ass. Tad moved the tip of his tongue around as he used his right hand
to keep slowly jerking off and used his left hand to play with sons big balls.Jamie's balls were big - they were huge. Tad was rolling one around in his hand
Then he would roll the other around. It was driving Jamie crazyTad decided it was time to fuck his son.Tad: you ready son?
Jamie: yeahTad stood back up and scooted in closer to Jamie's ass. Tad took his cock and
Put it at the tip of Jamie's ass hole. Tad slowly put the head in. Once he got xxx red lolita pedo all
of the head in, he knew this would take some time to get all of his meat inside
his sons virgin ass.Tad took a minute, then he started to enter more meat in. He pushed there inches
this time, causing Jamie to scream and start to cry from the pain. Tad decided
To keep going and once he got all the way in, give Jamie time to adjust. So Tad
Pushed in another inch, then another, then two more.Jamie was screaming loud now Tad worried about people hearing so he leaned down
And started to make out with his son. Tad looked into his sons eyes, pas the
Tears. The Tad inserted more of his daddy meat. He pushed another inch in then
Three more,. Now all of Tads 10.5 inch Dick was buried inside his sons ass.The two men laid there, making out, Jamie's ass getting use to the new feeling
of daddy cock up there. Tad getting use to his cock inside his sons ass. The two
men had never been so close.Tad broke the kiss off. He started to pull out now. Jamie now felt the pleasure
of it, but still felt the pain and the burn. Tad only pulled half of his meat out
before pushing it in faster. then he pulled almost all of his daddy cock out and
Slammed it back in. Jamie was screaming again so Tad leaned down and kissed him.This went on for some time. Then once Jamie was use to it, Tad started to fuck
his son fast and hard. He would pull almost all the way out then slam in. Jamie
Was jerking his boy meat off as his buff daddy popped his ass cherry.Tad started to moan, he want gonna last much longer, and niter was Jamie. Tad
pulled out one last time and pushed all the way in as he let his baby making
Juice flow into his sons ass.Jamie lost it. He started pay sites lolita ru
to erupt all over the place. His juice even flew up to
His fathers chest. Once tad was done letting it flow into his son, he pulled out.The sperm started to flow out of Jamie's ass and tad stuck his head down there and
started to lick it up. He loved it. His cum and his sons ass mixed. it was great.Tad laid on top of his son and started to kiss him, sharing the juice with him.The two men then fell asleep together. this was the first time they did it ... but
It sure wouldn't be the last.~~~
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